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Lvshui Products

  • High efficiency polymerized ferric chloride

    Efficient polymerization of ferric chloride is based on the latest eco-friendly concept developed a new type of highly...

  • Polymerized ferric chloride

    The product is mainly used for industrial water and wastewater treatment。

  • Poly aluminum chloride

    Composite polyaluminum chloride {(CFPAC) (PAC)} is a new type of high efficient inorganic polymers

  • Anion PAM

    Anionic polymer flocculant, mainly for the treatment of inorganic solids-based neutral suspension.


Taizhou Luqiao Lvshui Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in a green eco-friendly water treatment chemicals professional enterprises, hazardous waste disposal unit 900-300-34 sludge dewatering professional agents. Based on the support of international advanced technology and green concept, the enterprise continuously innovates and develops new water treatment chemicals and closely follows the new trend of circular economy...

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